Plus Size Clothing Changes In Recent Years

The American population as a whole has been getting heavier and heavier as the years go by. One of the main reasons is the lack of time to exercise, and the availability of fast food that is full of fat and grease. With more and more people getting larger, the availability of plus size clothing has become a very large market, no pun intended! The more people that need plus size clothing, the more stores will start to stock it, so they can continue to make money. Also the more sales that are made, then many more styles and colors will be available in plus size clothing.

I used to work at JCPenney’s a few years ago, and we had a very large women’s plus size clothing department, but we did not have a men’s big & tall department at all. I would have at least one or two people a week asking for a big & tall section in the men’s department, but I could not get any of our buyers to buy anything for us. I just recently went back to the store where I used to work, and I found out that they were carrying men’s big & tall clothes now, and they could hardly keep any in stock. I knew that those items would be good sellers, because the demand for those sizes was definitely there. I think the biggest reason that the clothes in JCPenney’s big & tall section sell so well, is that they are the exact same styles as the regular sized men’s clothing.

The women’s plus size clothing department more than doubled in size during the five years that I worked there. Our sales in that department also grew at an outstanding pace. I know the main reason that these clothes sold very well is that we carried the exact same styles and colors in plus sizes that we carried in women’s sizes, and juniors, for the most part. Not too long ago about the only thing that heavier people could find to wear were not very stylish or very flattering. Now that the clothes in plus sizes are very fashionable, sales in these areas have really increased. More than likely the trend of heavier people in America will probably continue so plus sizes will continue to grow.