Fashion Tips For the Plus Size Apple Shaped Teen

Having an apple shape can be a very challenging body type for the plus size teen. And yet, the apple body type has problem areas that are easy to hide. Plus, many apples have slim arms and legs which are features that you can make into a great advantage.

Apple body types have their weight gain around their midsection. They might also have a full bustline, a wide back and wide shoulders. Many apples also have slim arms, hips and a tight behind. If you are an apple, the upper part of your body is definitely larger than the lower half.

So how do you shop for an apple body type? You can start at the top by buying shirts and tees that draw the eye upward. Look for tops with designs along the shoulder and neckline. Buy sleeveless tops to draw attention to your slim arms. Buy long shirts that stop at the widest part of your hips to help balance your body out.

For a super look, wear a transparent, gauzy shirt over a properly fitting sleeveless top. This combination will draw attention to your slim arms.

The right pants to can help create a more balanced look. Wide legged pants will work for you by balancing out your larger upper body with your smaller lower body. Do you have slim ankles along with your slim legs? Try a look with wide legged capris.

Wide A-line skirts and A-line broomstick skirts will work well for you too. If you wear them where your natural waistline is, the fullness of the skirt will hide your heavier midsection. Just make sure that the skirt fits properly and it doesn’t pull over your middle.

Last but not least are your shoes. Balance your upper body with a heavier shoe. Or emphasize your slim legs and ankles with a strap sandal.