Tips for Using Your Fingers to Get a Woman to a Fingering Orgasm That Will Be Body Shaking For Ages

What are some simple tips to finger your woman to orgasm. A fingering orgasm is much more intense than an orgasm from intercourse. The reason for this is you can apply more pressure on the g spot of a woman. At the same time you can also stimulate the clitoris.

The first thing a man must do is to use a long period of sensual foreplay. So spend a lot to time touching all of your lovers body. Most men focus on the lips and breasts in foreplay. This is a mistake as the whole body of a woman is erotic. Touch and kiss her toes, inner lips, fingers and face before you start on the breasts.

You will find that a slow and light massage stroke is much more sensual. Many guys rush much too fast in an erotic massage. It is also important to begin and end each massage stroke with a light touch. This feels much more pleasurable than to pull off quickly.

Once you have really turned on your lover she will be desiring some genital touch. Make sure she is wet before you go down to her genitals.

Just place your whole hand on her vulva with no stimulation. The heat of your hand will turn her on more. After a minute or so, a light vibration is so nice.

When you feel she is very wet, slowly let the second finger enter the vulva. Curl this finger up and you will find a rough area. This is the magic g spot area of your lover. Just hold this spot for a minute. Many woman can actually orgasm from such a light touch. Remember she was very hot from the long foreplay.

You can now stimulate the g spot with a come here motion of your finger. Keep your had relaxed as you move over her g spot.

Follow her energy. Some men can feel a woman’s orgasm in their bodies. Look into her eyes if she wishes.

To really drive her wild, stimulate the clitoris with one finger or thumb as well as fingering her g spot area. This is totally intense for most women. An advanced technique is to have another finger in the anus. One can use latex gloves for health reasons.

Adding some dirty talking will help her have a fingering orgasm. This raises the sexual energy big time. Dirty talking allows a man to get into a strong masculine energy and this leads any woman into being more lusty and wild in sex.