Cute Costumes For Little Girls

Halloween isn’t too far away and there are some really cute costumes which are overlooked for Halloween, but that little girls will love to wear. Here are some costume ideas for your little princess.

A little princess costume can be found online for as low as $7. There are a variety of different princess dresses available as well as different sizes. Disney princesses are some of the favorites of little girls: Princess Jasmine, Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Princess Snow White. There are other styles of princess costumes which only require pretty dresses and a tiara, which you can find at nearly any local drug or grocery store.

Ballerinas are popular once again, thanks to shows like So You Think You Can Dance. These lovely little costumes can even be used as dance costumes, if your child is enrolled in dance classes. A simple ballet tutu or tutu skirt can be worn with a leotard. You can even buy a tiara for this costume as well and make her a ballerina princess.

Another great costume, which can double as a Christmas costume, is an angel costume. Many little girls love the idea of being an angel. There are lots of pretty little white dresses that can be used for this costume. Halos are easily made from wire hangers and some Christmas tinsel. Another great use for wire hangers is the wings. There are videos online that explain how to make homemade angel wings, however you can buy them so cheap at Amazon, there really is no need to make any (unless of course you want to, for fun).

Why not dress your little girl up as a superhero? Why should boys be the only heroes flying around on Halloween? You can find wonderful girl hero costumes such as Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. The latest female hero, from Monsters vs. Heroes, would be a really cute costume. Her name was Susan. You can find images of that character online by looking at Google images search engine.

Lastly, the favorite now, and for many years to come, Hermione from the Harry Potter books, is a lovely costume for any little girl. The robes are sold online at the low price of $12 and Hermione’s wand can be bought for about $2.

While most little girls love pretty and feminine flowered things, many girls appreciate role models and popular figures over the pretty styles. The older the girl, the more appreciation she has for a character over a costume. A six year old will probably be more interested in Disney character costumes, while an older girl will want to look scary or cool in a superhero or even a zombie bride costume.

Whichever costume you choose, remember to shop early. Costumes may be available in large quantities online, but you cannot be sure your favorite costume won’t be sold out or may arrive late.