My Husband Wears Panties

It may surprise you to know that the “manly” man sitting next to you is wearing lacy pink panties instead of the traditional jockey shorts, or men’s briefs. This is a very common occurrence as many men would rather feel the touch of satin and lace than the feel of ordinary cotton on their bodies. Moreover, not only to they wear panties, but unbeknown to the people around them, they may also be wearing a sexy garter belt complete with stockings and matching bra. This female attire may be worn under their regular male clothes and no one is the wiser.

This is a regular practice for many men from all walks of life. This could include the lawyer sitting across the desk, the police officer who is now writing you a ticket, the minister who is presently giving the sermon, or perhaps even your own husband. Why do they do this?-because it feels good. They may also feel a need to nurture their feminine side. They like to feel “feminine” inside so they don the clothing typically associated with females. It fills a need.

There are many men who have a need to dress in women’s clothes. Although many in society see this as a bizarre practice, it is actually pretty normal and very common. This practice is often associated with “drag queens” and “transsexuals”, but in actuality this is a regular practice among completely normal heterosexual men. Furthermore, it is not considered an abnormality or an aberration within clinical settings. Males who have normal mental health and are productive members of society, often engage in this activity. Of course, they do not advertise it, but do it very discretely. They might wear panties under their regular clothes during work time, then go home and put on a complete outfit including breasts, make-up, and wig. No one knows because they do it in private. Sometimes not even their spouses know.

They hide this practice not because it is something shameful, but because they know that many in society would misunderstand and not be accepting of this activity. They are afraid that they may become victims of ridicule. Therefore, they do it in secret.

Many however, do it publicly. These men have “come out” to their significant others and if they are lucky, have found many to be supportive and accepting. This is as it should be. Their masculinity should not be questioned just because they like to wear female clothing. Most are decent human beings who should be accepted for how they are, especially since it does not interfere with their daily lives. Furthermore, their wives should not feel threatened just because their husband knows more about lingerie and make-up than they do. This can be a topic of conversation that in the end can bring the couple closer together, and more emotionally connected.