Have a Tween Girl Who Loves Fashion? Let Her Create Her Own Clothes

Women have always been conscious about how they look and appear to other people. You can observe that throughout the years, women have dramatically changing styles and fashion every single era. Today, even young girls are very mindful about this as well.

Although there are trend-setters that young girls idolize and imitate, more and more tweens are getting into designing their own clothes. One way of doing this is through online fashion websites which lets them mix and match clothes, add accessories and fabricate their own, personal flair.

First of all, you need to choose what article of clothing you would like to design. These websites have a wide array of garments from plain Tee-shirts and ponchos to tight leggings and Capri pants. Once you are done with this, you need to choose your size. There are available sizes for children ages 5 to 14. The corresponding weight and height are also indicated.

Next, you need to choose the fabric as well as the color. Some websites have all the possible textiles from cotton to polyester. They also have plain colors and fun prints which you will just adore. Once you have finished, you can start customizing your clothes.

The ‘graphics’ section has different prints for you to choose from. Each has a corresponding amount and will be added to the over-all cost once you have decided to include it in your design. The next set is called the ‘appliques’ which is very much the same with the first set of prints.

You can also add rhinestones, lengths of ribbons, ruffled under layers and crocheted rosettes if you like. Again, each addition will cost you. If you want, you can attach a generic label which is free of charge. However, if you want this to be truly personalized, you can definitely add you own name on the label for an extra fee.

The great thing about websites such as these is that you can save your design. They have an option for you to click on if you want to do just this. On the other hand, if you love your work of art so much and want to brag it in school, then you can order this.

The total amount of the design which includes the garment and the additional embellishments will be added up on one side of the page. You can see the breakdown as well as the total so that you know how much you’ll be spending all in all.

In the past, tweens had to make do with designing their dolls outfits. Some also had to be content with paper dolls, even. The great thing about these websites is that your little girls can be creative and at the same time productive. It’s not just designing for fun, after all. They can really wear their personality and be extremely proud of it as well.