Common Fabrics Used in Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses are usually made using some particular fabrics that are shimmery, sparkling and lustrous. Among the popular fabrics used in making flower girl dresses is Organza. This type of cloth is translucent, smooth and shiny. Usually white in color, this fabric is often placed on the topmost layer of a dress styled in organza. Organza is known to be quite an expensive fabric but there are online flower girls dress stores where one can find and purchase a slightly cheaper dress compared to those which can be brought from retail shops.

Satin is another fabric used in making flower girl and bridesmaids dresses. Interesting though since satin, in actuality, is not exactly a fabric type. It is a woven material described having one smooth and shiny side while the reverse side is dull. The real fabrics made to weave satin include polyester, poplin and silk. A wedding satin is a heavy matte kind of satin cloth used to be sewn for matte satin flower girl dresses. The wedding satin is perfect for making crisp white dresses.

We all think that silk is a soft material but a raw and true silk actually has a stiff and crispy in characteristic. Silk only becomes soft when it is blended or mixed with other synthetic yarns. By doing so, not only will silk become soft, it also become stronger and can be washed in a machine. A silk that is pure is quite expensive and therefore is not a good choice of fabric for a flower girl’s dress. Silk Dresses for flower girls are made with silk combined with other fabrics so that the dress is more comfortable. Making it more suitable to be worn by little girls and at the same time as bringing out the beauty of true silk.

Other fabrics are taffeta and tulle. Of all fabrics, Taffeta possess the most glossy color. Crushed taffeta dresses have contours that makes light to reflect on the fabric and makes the fabric seem to have two unlike colors when placed under the rays of a light source. Tulle is the most common fabric used to make dresses for the little girls. It is a fine and filmy material placed on top of the dress either as double layered or filled with rose petals such as in petal dresses.

The length of the dress also matters. Shorter than a gown with full length is the tea-length dress. It ranges in span from below the knee until just above the ankle. A full length gown is one that is just a few inches above the ankle and is too long for a small child. The sweetheart dress has a neckline that is shaped like a heart. An empire waist is the most common style on dresses for flower girls, this style has a high waistline a few inches under the bust line.

Sometime to keep in mind when to choosing a style that is appropriate for your little girl is that the girl should be able to carry and wear it comfortably and fashionably. Simple-styled dresses are great for smaller girls while older flower girls should wear the size and of dress proper for their height and appearance.