Women’s Thongs – Erotic and Beautiful

Thongs in women are specifically defined as an undergarment, characterized by a thin strap of material along the center of the garment’s rear designed to sit between the wearer’s buttocks. Women’s thongs are further classified on the basis of type and form including g-strings, the traditional thong, v-strings and the t-back. Women’s thongs are a delightful sight also on the beaches of South European countries, Florida and South America. Women, generally prefer to wear thong underwear to eliminate the visibility of the panty lines, to avoid an embarrassing scenario of a ride up so one need not pull at one’s underwear in public and most importantly, the factor of comfort. Moreover, the entire concept of fashion consciousness and minimization of tan lines drive women to dress their lower inner half in women’s thongs.

Women have the leeway to pick their choice right from elegant thong styles that seem just perfect for the special evening or to simply impress the hot hunk you’ve bumped at work to sexy, sensuous and erotic thongs designed for fun and flirty moments mixed with tease. For the purpose of comfort and convenience, the women’s casual thongs would be a safe bet that would also perfectly complement to her favorite fit of jeans.

Whether for form or function, thongs are a popular mainstay of many women’s lingerie drawer. Once the domain of sexy, exotic dancers, skimpy panties are now the lingerie of choice for everyone from teens to mature women. Very often, people though in jest, refer to women’s thongs as “butt floss”. Riding high on the hips and leaving the bottom completely exposed, women’s thongs though may seem tacky have garnered substantial popularity in the last few decades. For women who have never worn thongs, they can be a little uncomfortable initially and/or a sleazy choice of an undergarment, however there are some logically practical reasons to wear these itty-bitty women’s thongs.

They pose as a sexy alternative to teddies and are an extra addition to sheer nighties. When paired with decorative bras, they make a pretty and scintillating lingerie set. More over, they make a bold fashion statement underneath low rise jeans for the young and adventurous. Men also love to fantasize seeing their women in revealing, skimpy woman’s thongs and panties. Bottom baring lingerie or women’s thongs have an A-list of types and styles to their credit. When people refer to “butt floss”, they are picturing a g-string.

This barely there panty for the bravest and most confident souls features a more than a little triangle in the front, fitted with a thin string around the hips and between the cheeks of the butt. If you want more coverage than what is offered by a g-string, women can opt for T-back thongs. The side straps conveniently stretch straight across the top of the buttocks; from back the straps resemble the letter ‘T’. The Rio women’s thongs are quite similar to T-back except that the side straps rise above the hips.

Tanga, another popular thong for women, exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks, but covers everything else. Rios and tangas are a hot favorite among young women as they are more comfortable for regular use. On the contrary, g-strings are not as practical for an all-day use. If you are concerned about your panty line showing, then T-backs can work wonders and take your confidence to new heights. For the first time buyers and users, tangas and Rios offer a welcoming and gentle initiation into the world of sexy women’s thongs. For women with generous hips, Rios poses as more forgiving.

Women’s thongs are available in an extensive assortment of materials and the styles you decide to purchase are largely a matter of preference. Cotton is an apt choice of material for all day use thongs as it is a breathable fabric and lessens the risk of infection. For special and intimate moments, silk and Lycra is a sensuous choice. PVC or leather are also raging possibilities for a daring night time look. The choices are vast and the collection ranges from elegant to casual to sexy. Pick your choice and put your fancies into action.