The Delicate Beauty of a Yellow Flower Girl Dress

While wedding clothes tend to be available in almost every color imaginable there tends to be one shade often neglected or overlooked, and that is the color yellow. This tends to be due to the fact that not many people have the complexions suited to most shades of this strong and warm color.

Trends are changing, however, and now it is easier to find all kinds of wedding garments in this unusual hue, including options for a yellow flower girl dress. In fact, it is in these gowns where the use of truly bold variants of yellow is possible. This is because there are so many designs for a yellow flower girl dress that look as if they belong more in a fairy tale or ballet stage.

For instance, sunflower yellow is a color that is often used for the base of a yellow flower girl dress, but this is moderated by such things as tulle and embroidered overlays. This could be a great way to really add a lot of “zing” or pizazz to the bridal party.

Of course, a yellow flower girl dress might also fall under different color groups too. For instance many antique white gowns are actually closer to a pale yellow, while many remarkably pale green gowns tend to pair up beautifully with yellow accents too.

There are usually a few words of warning about extremely pale colors with children’s formal garments, and this applies to paler shades of yellow too. For example, if a child is put into one of the many sassy yellow dresses that look like something from a flower garden it may tend to energize that child. This is particularly true when the skirts are fuller and the bodice is sleeveless. While this might be a way to ensure that the flower girl is in a great mood throughout the wedding day, it might also prove problematic if the child is a bit “too” energized by the positive colors of their clothes.

This is usually the reason that it is important to include the flower girl in the selection process, to order swatches of the fabrics (if a dress is being purchased online or via a catalog), and to ensure that the actual hues work with the child complexion and personal taste.

Generally, it is also a good idea to ensure that the particular shade of yellow will coordinate with at least one other area of the bridal party or the overall wedding theme too.