How Women Really Feel About Penis Size

Although women frequently tell their partners that size of the penis doesn’t matter, when they talk to each other, they will often admit that it really does matter. Women tend to talk about penis size with their friends because really, other women are the only ones that can truly understand this. They often compare sizes among different nationalities, races, and types of men. This is a fact of life that should not go unnoticed by men who are worried about their own penis size.

The first thing you may notice about women who are discussing penis size is the fact that none of them really know what average is. They are simply going by their experiences. What they think is average might be large or small to another woman. They do feel strongly that 6 to 7 inches is about average which is actually what an average penis size is. Many women even rate the size of a man’s penis based on who they have been with before. According to general consensus, the larger size penis is better for the most part. Small penises just don’t seem to satisfy most women overall.

Many women even agree that they can tell the size of a man’s penis even with his clothes on. For some women it is often a prerequisite to look at a man’s pants before they decide whether or not they will have sex with him. There are just certain ways that a woman can tell just by the way they are sitting or standing, and how they wear their pants. If the penis area is bunched up it often means that they could be compensating for a smaller penis size.

Aside from the actual size, it is the way the man uses his penis that really makes a woman satisfied, and truthfully, if the penis is small then they tend to overdo the act of sex, almost in a painful way to the woman. They may feel that if they thrust harder that the woman doesn’t notice the size, but unfortunately all women notice. If a man has a thicker girth then that can make up for the lack of size. In fact, some women even find a thick penis very sexy and manly.

The one thing women do agree on is the fact that if a man has a small penis then he should consider penis enlargement pills to help mother nature along a bit. Not only do they make the penis thicker and more attractive but the men can last much longer then other men who may not take the penis enlargement pills. The staying power is very important to all women because without it, sex can be over in a matter of minutes which does not suit a woman very well, because women take much longer to achieve orgasm then men. With a more muscular penis, they tend to have more control of ejaculation which is a bonus to all women.

So yes, in conclusion, size does matter. If a man doesn’t have a large, thick penis they can be looked at poorly in the eyes of women. So if you haven’t done something about your penis yet, but you know that women aren’t leaving your bedroom satisfied then it is time to do something about it.