The Ultimate Way to Please Any Girl Through Effective Foreplay – This Will Blow Your Mind

Do you have the desire to improve your love life? Or do you feel there is a need to do more to please your girl in bed? Then chances are that what is missing is effective foreplay. The truth is that most men or guys just prefer to rush in and also rush out. If you are really serious about improving your performance in bed, then you must not shy away from effective foreplay.

In this article, we will be discussing ways to ultimately please any girl through effective foreplay and drive her really crazy during sex. Knowing this alone will make your girl scream your name in her dream. So here we go

First it’s very important to ensure that she’s in the right frame of mind and psychologically prepared for sex. Try changing the setting of the room a bit. Change the bed sheet and spray nice perfume. Light aromatic candles, and also continue playing soft, cool, gentle, but romantic music

Hold her very close to yourself and let her know how radiant and charming she looks. Then proceed to kiss her softly on the lips, neck and shoulders each time whispering to her how sweet and yummy they taste. Then while still standing, gently strip off her clothes and suck and fondle her breast until they are very firm.

Then lay her gently on her back and give her oral pleasure. Oral sex is no doubt one of the most erotic ways to ultimately please a girl when it comes to effective foreplay. Move your tongue slowly over her clitoris while varying the speed and pressure at intervals. Also exploit her inner vaginal cavity with your tongue and gently eat her vaginal lips.

Give her g-spot stimulation:

Insert your middle finger into her vaginal while she is lying on her back. Make sure your finger is pointing towards the upper wall of the vaginal. After about 1-3″ deep, you will find a slightly rough bumpy area – That’s the g-spot. Stimulate this spot until she comes with a breath taking orgasm. Then proceed to penetrate her in her favorite positions. Following the above tips to effective foreplay will surely give any girl ultimate pleasure.