First Date Tips For Teens – How to Prepare and How to Act on First Dates

The life of a teenager is not always an easy one. This is the stage where everything seems to be happening all at ones – puberty and the onslaught of conflicting emotions that come with it. It is also in your teenagers years where you first get the enter the more confusing world of dating.

One of the many reasons why dating can be scary and confusing to a teenager is that most do not know what to do and how to act on a date, especially the first one. To help young people get rid of some of their anxieties and worries about dating someone for the first time, here are very helpful and practical first date tips for teens.

First Date Tips For Teens: The Preparation

Our first date tips for teens include the necessary preparations one must make before going on a first date with someone. It goes without saying that looking your best will help you make a good first impression. Wear clean, nice-fitting, and attractive clothes. Have your hair washed or trimmed if necessary and make sure that your nails are clean. It would be a good idea to bring breath mints with you to keep your mouth fresh all throughout the date. For girls, you can put on a little make up and bring your emergency make up kit with you for retouches.

Take note that these preparations are done before you go out on a date, which means that when you are already out with your date, do not fuss about your looks anymore. You know you already look good when you checked yourself in the mirror before going out, so do not be too conscious about your hair or your teeth anymore. Otherwise, your date will see you as shallow, vain, and superficial.

First Date Tips For Teens: How To Act

The way you behave on your first date will mostly determine whether you get to go on a second date with that person or not. The best first date tips for teens that you can get would be to just act the way you would when you around a person whom you respect. Do not be pretentious and do not make up stories just to impress your date. Sooner or later, the truth will come out anyway so spare yourself from humiliation by always telling the truth about yourself.