How to Reach Anal Orgasm – Step by Step Guide to Explosive Anal Pleasure For Her

Anal sex is a pleasurable sexual activity that can yield high intensity of pleasure for both men and women. However, many women think it is dirty and messy. If your partner is open to the idea, read on as we reveal how you can send her great climax via anal sex:

#1. Shower: Prior to sex, take a hot shower together. Spend fair amount of times to help each other to clean anus and rectum with gentle body wash. Do not use harsh detergent as these areas are sensitive.

#2. Lubrication: Since her rectum and anus does not self-lubricate, you must use lubricants to keep these areas wet to avoid discomfort. Use a quality lubricant to gently massage areas surrounding anus, including inner thighs and lower belly. It will make her feel relaxed and excited.

#3. Oral sex: Gently stroke your lips around her perineum. Keep your stroke light and gentle. Experiment with different speed and patterns to arouse her.

#4. Finger techniques: As you feel increasing warmness, proceed to stimulate her anus and perineum with your fingers. Slowly push your finger inside her anus and massage the surrounding areas. Then, slide another finger inside vaginal wall to stimulate her G-spot.

#5. Penetration: When she is ready, you can go from behind in rear entry position. Push your penis to one inch forward, and ask her how she feels. When she is ready for the next move, push forward a little and watch her response. Repeat this step until the whole penis is inside her anus. Then, rock back and forth in small and slow movement.