Plus Size Clothing Tips For Children

An estimated 15 percent of children in the age bracket of 8 to 15 years are overweight, and the figure is set to grow in the immediate future. Experts state that with a modern life style, about one child in three is likely to suffer from some degree of obesity.

To add on to a lack of self esteem, these obese or slightly obese children have to endure a continuous stream of taunts, comments, harassment, prejudice and subtle discrimination. That it happens in the schools amongst peers compounds the mental agony of the child. The fact that clothes do not sit pretty on them further eggs on their attackers, adding fuel to the sarcasm.

Shopping for clothes for children is a dream if you are looking for a boy’s medium or large size, junior’s 7 or a girl’s 6. Malls and supermarkets are teeming with low-cut jeans, pullovers, pants, branded T-shirts and dresses in standard sizes for teenagers and children. However, the same cannot be said for boys XL and girls 12 and junior 19 or over sizes. The companies that spend millions to attract young customers are surprisingly not catering to this segment of the market. Buying clothes for overweight children is thus not an easy task.

The plus size fashion situation is not so grim though. Most of the manufacturers have commenced production of plus size clothing for children. The challenge lies in finding them in your nearby outlet. A little bit of research in your area can solve this problem too. The first obvious place to look is the stores which solely cater to children’s wear. Looking at adult’s clothing ranges and then getting the clothes suitably altered for children is a viable alternative. Yet another option is to browse the internet and preview the inventory of garment manufacturers for plus size children’s clothing, and the catalogue of clothing items stocked with leading malls or supermarkets. And finally, a simple evening chat with the mother of that overweight child in the neighbourhood for the places she shops for her child may also bring forth new and worthwhile ideas.

Flares or boot cuts highlight the legs and take focus away from the torso. By contrast, baggy pants or T-shirts look sloppy and give the child a ‘bean bag’ look. Similarly, a sleeveless shirt worn unbuttoned over a tightly fitted tank top is more sensible than a figure hugging top. As these children tend to look slightly older than actual age, it is prudent to have a ‘young’ haircut. As these children put a strain at the stitching and the seams, choosing corduroy and denim fabrics is an option for longer life of the clothes.

It is therefore important to make the overweight child learn how to advantageously use plus size fashion to look better, and this will also boost self confidence and assist in adjusting among peers. A wardrobe assembled with common sense coupled with judicious accessories can work wonders in tackling this issue.