Wedding Bridal Party

For the bridal party we decided to have 2 groomsmen, 2 bridesmaids & 2 junior bridesmaids. In turns of what is the right or wrong number of bridal party depends on you.

My cousin just got married and she had 3 bridesmaids and she had 8 little kids as well. There were all her little nieces and nephews. It really is personal choice of how many you decide to have. Due to the theme of pink & black I found it quite hard to find a dress for a reasonable price matching these colours.

It took a couple of shopping trips and a lot of shops but we finally found the dresses at a small boutique and they were only AU $99.00 each. The dresses for the bridesmaids were predominately black with pink flowers on the top half at the front and the back had a mini train with the pink flowers at the bottom.

The girls wore silver shoes with diamantes across the top. I found pink flowers to put in their hair that matched the bridal flowers. I bought them a flower each plus a silver heart necklace and heart drop earrings to match. I used this as their gift for thanking them for being involved. My junior bridesmaid dresses were even harder to find. As they were not little flower girls but not yet in a ladies size this was a tough job to get anything that would suit the theme.

I finally found these princess like light pink dresses from Myer. They cost AU $120 (more than the bridesmaid) and all we did was sew a black ribbon around the waste with a bow at the back to incorporate the black.

I got them pink roses to put in their hair as they had their hair twisted back and tied with these craft roses. I also found earrings and a necklace that matched the sparkly diamante brooch on the front of the dress. The boys wore suits with a silver vest and in the pocket they wore a silver and pink hanky. The also wore cream shirts to match my ivory dress.

I decided to have everyone matching with hair and their dresses as it was a personal choice. I have seen other weddings where each bridesmaid has a different style dress, different colour and all different hairstyles.

A friend who recently got married, had her maid of honor in a black and white dress and her others in black and orange. Personally I loved having it all the same, kind of made it a lot easier to work with and they looked really good in the photos all matching.