Plus-Sizes – Wearing Appropriate Clothes For a Wedding

Marriages are formal occasions of celebration and merry-making. If you are a larger sized person, wondering what to wear, you may not be celebrating in your closet that day. Before you decide to miss the celebration due to wardrobe worries, read these suggestions carefully, then go ahead and enjoy the celebration!

Inquire as to what type of clothing is anticipated at the wedding. As a larger guest, you really should begin to think about what to wear quite some time before the actual wedding date. Contact either the bride or the mother of the bride to inquire about the proper dress for the day. You will need to ask if it is casual, semi-casual, or formal.

When you discover that, you can start deciding on an outfit.

Even if low key, weddings still require a bit of class. It may not be a formal affair but that is no reason to look poorly dressed. You still want to wear respectable clothing to the celebration. Believe it or not, for an informal affair, men should still wear a suit. It is a ceremony, after all. Larger ladies should choose a dress that comes to the knee in shades like soft blue or peach, pink and light green. Business wear is even acceptable if the casual wedding is set for the morning. Whether or not you are at a formal or informal marriage ceremony, larger wedding guests still need to appear fashionable.

You need to dress up a little more if it is going to be a semi-formal wedding. Heavier men should wear a suit in a suitable color. (Please avoid crazy colors, guys!). Larger gals should aim for a conservative dress of suitable length, color and pattern. Get one that is past than your knees. Keep any accessories and jewelry low-key. Footwear is advised to be leather and enclosed around the toe with appropriate coats (no denim allowed, fellas!).

Guests should make an effort. Just because you are on the large side t doesn’t mean that you don’t need to show up to a formal wedding looking classy. Guys need to be wearing a lounge suit or possible tuxedo, depending on the type of wedding. One more point. It is advisable for larger female wedding guests wear a dress. It can be shorter – down to mid calf but not overly sexy or tacky. Consider wearing a hat for a classy touch.

Larger size guests at weddings must select clothing which is comfortable, appropriate and in fabrics and colors to suit their bodies – just like any other wedding guest.