The Most Popular Girl in School

If you are a teenager in school, I am sure you know of a popular teen girl that everyone wants as his or her friend. She has a pretty smile, she wears nice clothes, and the boys AND girls like being around her.

Guess what? It’s not always about the good looks, fancy clothes, or large number of people who surround her on a regular basis. Not all popular and highly admired teen girls look like models, and not all teen girls who look like models are popular and highly admired.

Before I elaborate on the importance of having a great attitude and self-respect, let me say this. Do not compare yourself to others. Especially if doing so makes you feel inferior or less than important. Everyone is unique and special in their own way. Being the best at being YOU sets you apart from the rest.

Now let’s discuss the value of a great attitude. Having a great attitude automatically turns you into a people magnet! No one wants to be around a negative, mean spirited girl, but everyone wants to be around a girl who feels good about herself and speaks kindly about others. A great attitude is having a state of mind where you look for the good in everything and everyone.

Please understand that having a great attitude doesn’t mean you have to be a “yes” person, or that person who is always saying what you think people want to hear. Be true to yourself. Be sincere and honest with your comments and actions, and if you cannot think of anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.

Try having a good attitude all day in school and at home. Pay close attention to what begins to happen. You will be amazed at the good things that come from having a great attitude!

Self Respect is another important and necessary trait of being that fabulous and popular teen girl! Self-respect is when you acknowledge how valuable and important you are. It is when your actions show how much you care about your overall well-being. It is also when you refrain from doing things that give you a bad reputation such as cursing, smoking, drinking, and promiscuity.

I have twin boys who are currently seniors in high school. One is on the varsity football team and the other is on the cross-country team and track team. There are times when I attend their sporting events and I will see several very pretty high school girls approach them to chat. Later, I will casually ask about the encounters. Sometimes they will say, “She is a very nice person”. At other times, they will say, “mother, every other word that comes out of her mouth is a curse word, or she is so negative and frequently speaks badly about others”. Their comments only confirm what I know to be true.


The next time you see that popular teen girl in school and you find yourself wishing you could be her, remember this. If you have a great attitude, self-respect, and if you are constantly working towards being the best in all you do, you ARE that fabulous and popular girl with everyone that matters… your family, your true friends, God, and yourself!