Every Girl Needs a Garter Belt

Garter belts have been around for quite some time. They are an item of personal clothing that wraps around the hip area and is traditionally used to hold stockings in place. In the earlier days in our history, garters were placed right below the knee and used to hold up the stocking firmly in place. While this style of a garter still exists, it is the garter that is placed around the hip area that has become popular. Some felt that with the invention of pantyhose that the garter belt would have faded and become a thing of the past. This however hasn’t happened.

Today, while garter belts are not commonly worn as much as they were in the past, they have become synonymous as a sexy piece of clothing. This item of clothing is said to add that special touch when it comes to imitate moments with that special someone. For years women have been slaves when it comes to fashionable items and personal undergarments are no exception.

Garter belts come in a wide variety of materials to include traditional fabric and lace as well as vinyl and leather. This is one fashionable and sexy addition that is sure to give you the attention you’re looking for. This intimate item of clothing was a personal item that was only seen by the person wearing it and their significant other. Today, you can find garter belts in almost every store displayed proudly on numerous shopping racks.

This item is purchased more often around Valentine’s Day and is considered an important item to have for a bride. It adds that special touch to the honeymoon night. Feeling desired and sexy is what women want. The name of the game today is to entice your partner. Want to put that “wow” factor out there? Then strut your stuff in a racy garter belt and stockings.

While in the earlier days this may have been seen as an item that a common prostitute would wear, today people are more accepting of this item and consider it a fun item to wear. In the past women were more confined by their clothing and this included their undergarments. Even if no one ever sees this fashion accessory, it still adds a beautiful touch. It’s a small fashion accessory that adds just the right touch. One thing is for certain, the garter is here to stay.