Clothing – Finding a Nice Stylish Prom Dress

Teen clothing these days tends to put moms a little on edge. If you’re out looking for pants, whether jeans or capris, even in plus sizes, low cut seems to be the order of the day. Pair that with short shirts and shorter skirts and back to school shopping can up being a downright nightmare. I think it’s important for young girls today to realize that clothes do not have to be revealing be be fashionable. Most women I know would prefer to be referred to as ‘Classy’ rather than hot or sexy. This goes double for the upcoming senior and junior prom season. This once in a lifetime special day should be a day for girls to dress up and reveal the sophisticated woman they want to become. Your little girl, like mine, might need a little help attaining to this ideal.

Having seen quite a few of the prom dresses that are available in the marketplace these days I’m wondering whether or not I should reconsider the idea of sending my little girl to the dance. Bleeding edge formal wear for teenagers doesn’t need to show a lot of bare skin. Numerous designers make available gorgeous modest prom garments which are absolutely delightful.

When most teenagers imagine a modest prom dress, they cringe. Visions of a tousled old-fashioned gaudy gown instantly come to mind in many teens. On the other hand, modern modest prom dresses have got a contemporary look as well as fantastic styling. The one distinction is that they will offer a bit more coverage compared to many of the heavily marketed brand names in the marketplace.

Me and my daughter had a tough time agreeing on the outfit for her special day. I certainly didn’t approve of several of the dresses that she put on in the stores we visited. My little girl was not very excited about my idea of seeking and alternative, more modest dress for prom either. We continued to look around, however, we were obviously not looking at the same styles. I wouldn’t even have considered most of what she liked and visa versa.

We did eventually run across a great alternative in contemporary prom dress which we both liked. Ironically, she picked out one of the dresses on her own without realizing the fact that it was one of the more modest prom gowns available in stores these days. This particular dress is spectacular and it delivers all the things that the cool formal wear offers.

Formal wear sure has come a ways in the past twenty years since I went to prom. No longer do we embrace the self-indulgent ribbons and flair and sequins are kept to a minimum on many dresses. This helps make deciding on moderate prom dresses a lot less difficult. Many of the popular styles are very current, fashionable, and seem to be as appropriate for a high school dance as they would be for a black tie affair.

I love that my little girl made a sensible choice on her own. I did not have to scold or plead or offer a bunch of suggestions to get her to make the right choice. And once my girl discovered the modest prom dresses she was certain to find a design that appealed to her. That modern leading-edge style was a complete hit at the prom. In reality, my little girl appeared a good deal more mature than most of the girls who were wearing much more revealing


I do not like to think that my precious little girl is fast growing up, but upon seeing her walk out the door, ready to face the world in the wonderful dress we had chosen, I knew that she was fast becoming an adult, and one that I would be proud of. My little girl is maturing, but doing so with sophistication and grace. I cannot tell you how glad I am that we were able to find a selection of modest prom dresses that were modern, stylish and sophisticated. So, when you go out shopping for your daughter’s prom dress this year, or even pants or skirts for that matter, remember, skin is not necessarily always ‘in’.