Missionary Positions – The 6 Top Missionary Style Techniques

Missionary positions are the most commonly used by lovers all over the world. And for good reason. Lovers can stare at each other during sex, embrace each other and of course kiss so it’s no wonder this dominates the list of sex positions.

But do you know that adopting missionary positions and never deviating can actually erode away at your relationship and eventually put your bedroom action into the boring category. Guys can get used to routine and are creatures of habit while woman like a little adventure and break from routine so if no compromise it reached then problems can occur.

In this article we will take a look at some variations to the missionary position with techniques to help you add some spice to your “routine love making.” It’s worth remembering though that many of these positions can involve lots of flexibility so don’t try them if you don’t think you can do it. Always think safety first!

This first tip is called the V position where the guy will grab his partner’s feet gently and lift them back towards her. The man then kneels at the point of entry and the rest is left up to the imagination.

Using a prop like a cushion this techniques basically involves placing the cushion underneath her bottom and then getting her to raise her knees. This allows for more penetration and is great for more intense sex.

The next method involves intertwining legs. The woman will place her legs around or on top of the man’s legs and while it can restrict the man’s movement, it does promote a more rocking type of motion which again makes for better penetration.

This technique resembles the first tip but instead of holding her legs upright she will bend them and rest them against the man’s chest. This can be awkward and may take some practice but is very effective. The woman then places her hands on the man’s back to keep them together.

Another awkward but satisfying technique involves the woman laying on her back and placing her legs in the air to form an L-shaped position. The man then has to manoeuvre under her legs and while it may look awkward the pleasure derived from it is second-to-none.

This final technique is one of the more interesting missionary positions and we advise this should be tried early in the love making process. It involves a couple of the earlier positions where the one of the woman’s legs is stretched forward and wrapped around one of the man’s legs. However, she then places her other leg on your chest. How she does this depends on her flexibility. This position can be restrictive but is a great warm up to some of the more free moving positions.