Powerpuff Girls Costume Party Characters: Blossom Buttercup and Bubbles

The Powderpuff Girls, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, live in a city called Townsville. Accidentally created by a laboratory mix up, they were derived from sugar spice things that are nice and unknown chemical that was accidentally spilled into the serum. All having superhero powers, these three characters continually fight crime. Most children, boys and girls alike, enjoy this series due to the action packed adventures they are involved in.

When considering these three girls for Halloween costumes, it is important to take into consideration that the girls may begin to act like them… possibly trying to save the world from their evil brother. So if you are brave and feel that you are prepared, carry on.

Blossom has pinl eyes, reddish longer hair, and wears pink. She is known as the commander of the three and her character traits are mature, managerial, instructional, bossy and very detail oriented. Her most prominent power is her ability to breathe ice and has been known to also breathe fire from time to time.

Buttercup has green eyes, shorter black hair, and wears green. Her fighting style is relentless and hostile, taking on the tomboy characteristics. She is different from the other two girls in that she is so extremely mean that she is almost scary. Her super hero trait is somewhat less of a threat however. Basically, her special power allows her to roll her tongue. Yes, that’s it. But it unique to her as the other two girls cannot do this.

Bubbles has blue eyes and werars blue clothes and she always wears her hair up in two ponytails. Her personality is of a much less mature nature than Blossom. She appears as a hppy go lucky girl who enjoys to relax and play. This leads her into many situations in which she is becomes portrayed as the weakest link of the three sisters. Her super strengnth is found in her ability to speak spanish.