Great Ways to Accessorize a Flower Girl Dress

No member of your bridal party will draw the same reaction as its youngest member. Regardless of age or behavior, the flower girl is sure to draw lots of attention. This makes it very important that she look her best. Luckily, there are numerous great ways to accessorize a flower girl dress.

Deciding what to put in the hair of your flower girl is a fun aspect of the wedding planning process because there are options available with a younger child that you might never consider using on the older members of your bridal party. The primary limitation you may run into is the length of her hair. There are great hair accessories for every length of hair. Make sure to involve a parent in the final headpiece selection, as they will be able to tell you which pieces might work best in their child’s hair.

The best advice is to keep it simple. While your bridesmaids will be able to sit through a session with the hair stylist, young children often become bored and will be unable to sit still. For this reason, elaborate hairstyles and accessories should be avoided.

Nothing will make your flower girl feel more like a princess than a small tiara. This is an especially appealing option if she will be wearing a dress of a similar style to the bride. Of course, flowers are also a classic option no matter whether they are worn as a garland on her head or as a few well-placed buds in her hair. If the simplest effect is desired then a thin headband in the dress’s color is a good choice for keeping unruly hairs at bay while adding a hint of color.

For the bride looking for a way to keep a sense of uniformity to her bridal party, the addition of a sash or bow to the flower girl dress is a good idea. Not only are bows adorable on small children, but they also serve to tie in the color of the bridesmaid dresses. If the flower girl is already wearing the same color as the rest of the wedding party then an accent color may instead be used to coordinate with the wedding colors.

Sashes come in a variety of lengths so there is sure to be one to achieve any desired look. For example, if the bride will be walking down the aisle in a sash trailing down the length of the train then a longer sash could be used on the flower girl dress. Conversely, the length of the sash may also be tied into an elaborate bow with very little length.

Gloves are a great way to add a touch of class to any flower girl look. They are a way to make her feel special by giving her the same kind of accessory the “big girls” in your wedding party wear. This will also serve as a tactile reminder of her task as she walks down the aisle.

Flower girl gloves typically come in elbow length and wrist length. An adorable idea is to select a set with a colorful bow in a shade that matches the bridesmaid dresses or the petals in the basket. However, keep in mind that not every color will be available in all glove styles. You should also remember that gloves might annoy younger children so they are best skipped unless you know your flower girl will be okay wearing them through the wedding ceremony and all the pictures.

Shoes are a particularly important accessory for any flower girl. As most flower girl dresses do not touch the floor, they should look beautiful without sacrificing comfort. Keep in mind, the more comfortable she is, the better the chance that she will make it down the aisle without incident. This will also help her to have a better time at the reception when she might otherwise be prone to act up out of boredom when she is not eating cake.

It should be understood that the heel for a flower girl’s shoe should always be low, if not a flat style of shoe. The ultimate shoe selection should be driven by her age more than any other factor. A younger child will require shoes that buckle or otherwise fasten while an older child will be able to walk confidently in sandals or strappy shoes.

The basket is a great way to accessorize the flower girl dress. If the bride has chosen a white dress for the flower girl then a white basket with the accent color on it is a beautiful accessory. The plain white basket is also an evergreen style that will never fall out of favor.