How to Save Money and Help Save the Planet

We are all finding things a bit tougher at the moment. Interest rates, credit crunch, fuel prices….the list goes on. I am married with two children, both under four, and finding it tough. But I have come up with a way of saving some money..

With kids, one of the biggest expenses is the cost of clothes and shoes, which they seem to grow out of within no time at all. Buying new clothes is expensive, just because of the volumes involved. Even Wal-Mart adds up when you buy a few outfits and pairs of sneakers.

So I decided to have a look at pre-owned clothes. Where is the best place for this? Ebay, of course. Now I wasn’t entirely convinced about the savings until I looked into it a bit further. So I had a go, buying a couple of cute girls outfits for 10% of their brand new price (even with delivery added).

I must say I was extremely pleased with the result. The clothes arrived and were in virtually brand new condition! I was so pleased I went straight on to eBay to look for some more. Then I tried something else, buying a lot of boys clothes. The lot contained around a dozen boys outfits, was less than $10 and was once again an absolute steal!

So for the price of one outfit I ended up with 12! I recommend you follow this route, as the savings to be made are superb. As an added benefit, this is also environmentally friendly. Recycling is a great way to help save our planet, so recycling your kids clothes is you doing your part.