Should Preteens Wear Lingerie?

There has been much debate on this issue recently. Girls are reaching puberty at earlier ages every year. Hollywood and current fashion trends are teach girls to wear less, and show more. In nearly every aspect of our society sex appeal is taught by example. Young girls have started looking for ways to make themselves feel sexy. Some manufactures have even produced pre-teen lingerie!

Thongs and other forms of sexy undergarments have been made for girls age 5-16 by top name companies. The internet is full of articles about top companies selling pre-teen thongs, and girls being sent home from school because they were wearing thongs under short skirts. Mothers have been outraged to find preteen thongs in their favorite clothing stores. Still other parents support their daughters in their right to were sexy underwear.

Should preteens be allowed to wear Lingerie? I will let you form your own opinion about that. As for MyFirstBra.us we believe that there should be a line drawn when it come to girls of this age. It is natural for young girls to want to feel sexy during puberty, but be aware. We are talking about your daughter here, and what message do you want to convey to her?

Once your daughter starts reaching puberty, go ahead and bye her nice undergarments, pretty training bras, soft silky things that make her feel good. Let her pick out a variety of colors, and materials. But don’t force her to grow up to quickly; some things should be saved for adulthood.

As for thongs, you’re the parent, you be the judge, but remember thongs are not very comfortable for an active girl. Make your choices practical, but nice. Let her feel comfortable, and always communicate with her about puberty, sex, and her changing body.

As a final thought; Have you ever walked throughout the mall and seen young girls wearing hip hugger pants, short tight tops, and a thought provoking sayings on their rear? They show more skin and belly then they cover up. What is more attractive to potential stalkers, pedophiles, and rapist; the outer clothing or the sexy underwear that is not seen?

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