Junior Plus Size Vs Regular Plus Size

When looking for plus size clothes there are mainly two different sizing charts to choose from, junior plus size or regular. It is important to realize that it is not only targeted to children. Many adults choose to wear the clothes as they are better fitting and more fashionable.

When picking plus size clothing it is not just as simple as sizing charts. Junior plus comes with a smaller bust and hip measurements. Many adults choose to this size because the fitting can be more flattering and comfortable.

Junior size plus is more attuned to the latest fashion trends. Targeting younger people is also why many adult women choose to wear it. Many women think that it has a much broader range of clothes so that is also another reason why they buy it.

Another reason why people choose to buy junior plus over any other plus sized clothes is because it follows the latest fashion trends much better than regular size plus.

Regular size plus is chosen by many simply for comfort however some do enjoy the style. Larger sizes do not have the small bust and hip sizes making the clothes less flattering however more comfortable. Usually this clothing is aimed towards larger middle aged women.

With junior size there is a lot more choice for different styles of clothing. It is designed for young girls who admire current music and movie stars. Another reason why it is popular is because there are more tailored for a certain audience. They are also regularly updated with the latest trends.

When choosing which sizing to go with, you should remember, that junior plus is usually more fashionable but can lack in the comfort as opposed to regular plus. So choosing your clothes will depend on what you need and what you can wear, and not only on what you want to wear.