Top Popular Brands for Women’s Urban Wear

When it comes to outfits, most women choose exactly the proper clothing type that meets their own outlook and preference. That is why fashion professionals in urban trend advise girls to bear in mind the very best and most preferred brand names instead if they wish to make sure they are always choosing and wearing the best and the hottest outfits. Listed below are the most in-demand urban fashion brand names designed for girls.

Apple Bottoms

It may be peculiar that this brand is founded and operated by men (hip hop superstar Nelly and his cousin Ian Kelly). However, for quite a while now, Apple Bottoms has now developed its own signature in women urban fashion wear. It is now one of the very few manufacturers for girls offering fashionable plus-sized clothing. This label is very much in line with its owners belief that girls should not fit outfits; rather, it has to be the apparel which should fit them.

Apple Bottoms was a fashionable denim brand when it was introduced. Since then, it has been though significant line expansions. It now designs, manufactures, and sells boots, eyewear, accessories, intimates, and handbags along with urban wear products.


Lei is known as a popular clothing brand name unique for women. The fashion collections in the brand usually i meant to give women with fashion items and accessories that is going to make sure they feel and look a lot more feminine for their age. The denim jeans collections consist of junior trousers and tops like cardigans, hoodies, and blouses.

Apart from the jeans collections, the brand is also offering large or plus-sized clothing product lines, which include shirts and bottoms. Apart from young women, Lei is also becoming a popular metropolitan wear brand for female young adults who find it nearly impossible to find and buy urban fashion apparel that are most suitable for them.

House of Dereon

This is an urban clothing brand launched by pop celebrity Beyonce Knowles. House of Dereon is distinctive not just because it is owned and managed by a present-day music icon. It is exceptional because the ideas and styles applied to each of their products are influenced by 3 generations of women in Beyonce’s family. The name Dereon serves as an homage to her grandmother, Agnez Dereon. House of Dereon is now popular as a city clothing brand for women due to its area of expertise and capacity to present what real women possess to be showed off and featured to everyone. The outfits in the brand are all designed to showcase natural feminine figure and also to enhance the way women usually put on clothes. Together with sister Solange, Beyonce recently expanded House of Dereon through starting junior collection Dereon, which is logically targeting younger women, teenagers, and girls. The brand new collection is also a lot more cheap in comparison with the brands other designer brands for women.