Junior Ready Bed

A junior ready bed is a bed that your kid can use for sleepovers, camping, or just whenever he or she doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed. Some parents have used the junior ready bed as a bed to place in their rooms when their child doesn’t want to sleep on his own at night. The great thing about this is that you can buy your child his junior bed, but then have the ready bed prepared in case he is scared or is having a hard time transitioning.

This type of junior bed is less of a bed and more of a sleeping bag style. It is a pretty complete bed for kids since it can usually be blown up with a battery ready pump and there is a built in pillow inside. With the pump, pillow and an already built in blanket, your child can be ready for bed anywhere. This is a great option for your child when he is going to a sleepover or when you take him anywhere overnight. Your child will feel familiar in this bed and will be able to sleep better.

There are many style options on the market for this type of bed. Whether your child is a boy or girl or whether he likes Disney or Thomas and Friends, you will find a wide variety of character selections for this bed. Disney has made a complete line with Tinker Bell, Disney Princess, the Cars characters and many others. Other brands have followed suit including Dora the Explorer. Choose the character that your child really loves and make sure it is one that your child will not outgrow too quickly.

Most of these beds are machine washable so they are very easy for you to take care of. This makes it easy for you to take with you everywhere and even for you to allow your child to sleep outside with. Simply remove the battery and pump and throw it into the washing machine. They are also very soft and comfortable which will make it easy for your child to sleep in.

Recently, some manufacturers have been making these junior ready beds that can transform into a bed, lounger or chair. Therefore, when your kid gets tired of using it as a bed, you can turn it into a chair to add to his room. Or, when taking it with you on vacations, you can easily fold it up so your child will have someplace to sit and read comfortably. These all in one solutions are a great option for your child.


is a great additional item for you to purchase for your child besides the traditional child’s bed. Having both the ready bed and the junior bed will definitely give you many options when putting your child to sleep.