Bad-Ass Bike Helmets for Teens Afraid of Brain Splatter

Many teens are too embarrassed to wear a helmet, even when they’ve had experiences wear a helmet saved them from serious injuries. Getting creative with your skater or biker helmet is the perfect way to ensure your safety and not look like a nerd in front of your friends (unless, of course, you’re going for that nerdy look). You can purchase a helmet that meets all your criteria: sleek, stylish, subtle, perhaps even bold. But you don’t have to splurge or drop too many dollars out of that wallet to get a helmet that fits your look. With a creative impulse and a bit of free time, you can craft the perfect helmet for you.

The cool kids appreciate humor and confidence. The biggest mistake a wannabe makes is that he/she tries to hard to impress, and trying too hard usually results in the person taking everything way too seriously. The reason the cool kids are cool in the first place is the fact that they look like they don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, even though they certainly try. Remember, it’s all about appearances. To stand out, take a basic black or dark colored helmet, and transform it into something nuts. Write all over it in neon markers. Attach little wings to each end. Put reindeer antlers on the helmet if that floats your boat. The idea is to appear ahead of the game, without care, so everyone else ends up playing catch-up.

Now of course, if you’re proud of your dork-dom, that’s even better, as you can do basically whatever you want at this point (though to be honest, confident nerds are usually pretty cool at the end of the day. The self-conscious ones usually get preyed on). Turn your helmet into a Yoda or Chewbacca head from ‘Star Wars,’ or attach Spock ears and really get your nerd on. You can even go to a costume shop and pick up a fake mohawk, and glue it on to the exterior of your helmet, and look like one of those insane punks no one wants to mess with. The key is to have fun with it, go wild with your creativity, and keep that brain intact without spending a mess of time worrying about how foolish you look in a lame, standard bike helmet.

So buy a helmet, add on to one, or do whatever it takes, but don’t let that brain splatter from one missed trick or one accidental pothole collision. Having half your skull missing isn’t nearly as cool as you’d think.