Teens – Developing a Grateful Attitude

What has caused our teens to lack an attitude of gratitude? A heart that is grateful is open to all possibilities, open to every good and perfect thing. The wise teen appreciates that their very lives are a gift from God. They take nothing for granted. They are thankful for the stars, the moon, the sun and nature as a whole. They are grateful for the rainy, gloomy days when all seem to go wrong- develop spots, when hormones kick in and mess up their moods, as well as on days when all goes well on that bright and sunny day when heaven seems to smile on them – fun with friend, increased level of self-confidence,doing well in school etc

It is however amazing that in today’s society teens have forgotten how to be grateful to the very parents who loved, cared for and nurtured them from childhood, providing their every needs and wants.

The whole of society begins to degenerate when there is lack of appreciation to the right people in our lives- parents, teachers, preachers, doctors, think about any person in your life who has made it possible for you to be where you are today. You should be grateful for your siblings who have served as a source inspiration and challenge to you. Even for the people who seemingly appear to be hindrances in your life. They are there to make you strong and to make you reach for the stars.

“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch heaven.” J. A. Gaertner

Do you want to touch heaven? Then this is what you must do, live a life of gratitude.

This is an insightful story I normally tell teens who show signs of ingratitude. A man dejected and ungrateful for his life decided to end it all by hanging himself. He took of his shirt, trousers and finally his shoes, just then he heard a strange noise and looking from afar noticed three disabled men. The first had no arms with which to wear and to look good in a shirt, the second had no legs and was in a wheel chair, meaning he could not spot a lovely pair of trousers and the last man had no feet and was on crutches, he could not wear a pair of decent shoes.

The ungrateful man looked again and this time burst into tears realizing how silly he had been all his life, not appreciating what he had been given all this time. You see, he had been comparing himself to other people thinking he was no good, rather than focusing on his own gifts and talents and using them to the benefit of all mankind. Remember anytime you begin to feel sorry for yourself,and lack confidence you are acting like that man. There is more to you than what you see . Develop an attitude of gratitude.