How a Woman Can Tell You Have a Small Penis – Even With Your Clothes On

If you don’t think that a woman looks at your groin area when she is checking you out with your clothes on, then think again. Even though the size of a man’s penis is not the first thing she will look at, it is one of them. She won’t really be able to tell how big you are if she looks at your pants, but she can get a reasonable idea of what’s under there for sure. There are other ways she can tell if you have a small penis and here are a few of them.

It may sound funny, but a woman can instantly tell if a man is hiding something. There are two ways this can be shown. Firstly, if the man is too aggressive and cocky, he is playing a game and trying to overcompensate for something. Could it possibly be his penis size? Hmm. The next way is more obvious. A man that seems withdrawn is likely hiding something, or is lacking some self-confidence. That is a sure give away that there may be technical difficulties with his size.

Come on guys – be yourselves! Women don’t like games and want to meet the real man, not some phony imitation of him.

A guy that comes on too strong, and obviously has sex on his mind from the beginning, has got some sort of sexual issues. A lot of times these men come on like a stud because they are faking it and want the woman to say no. He is really ashamed of his size and wants to come on strong sexually for his lack of self-confidence.

Don’t think a woman can’t see through it guys!

Loose clothing is a sure sign that a man may be hiding his true penis size. Wear clothing that fits properly, and if a woman decides to take a peek she may or may not be able to tell what size you have, but will think that you are not hiding anything.

Your outward appearance is a sign of what lies within.

You really need to have to have a natural approach if you want to send off signals of penis size self-confidence. A woman can tell if you have a

with all of your clothes on, or at least she can guess. Don’t lose your chance for love by covering it up anymore. Do the right thing and do something about it.