Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Teenage girls can be difficult to buy gifts for, particularly if you are a parent, or grandparent. Fellow teenagers and their peer group particularly will know exactly what is on trend and what the must have gift should be – unfortunately, for older relatives it might not be so simple. Anything which falls into the category of fashion should be avoided at all costs – the prospect of getting this right as an older relative is remote, to say the least. Popular gift ideas include electronics, beauty accessories, jewellery, books and gift vouchers. Perfume, clothes and make-up are obvious choices for girls but, unless you are certain of what is currently trendy, they are items best avoided. Gift vouchers were invented for a reason and this is one instance where they make a better option.

Always popular with girls are items such as cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, pink laptops and netbook computers. You’ll no doubt have noticed that the most popular electronic goods are released late in the year and this is no coincidence. While it would be a brave person who predicted exactly what the hot product will be, it’s safe to say it will be electronic and most probably pink?

Straighteners and hair dryers are fashionable although the various options can be bewildering. This is where best seller lists often come in handy and there are certain brands which are always in demand. Other accessories such as nail care kits, make-up bags and cases are ideal as budget gift ideas.

Classic jewellery gifts include necklaces, bracelets and charms – not forgetting watches and jewellery boxes. When buying jewellery for a teenager it’s advisable to stick with classic pieces such pendants with silver hearts, lockets and crosses and simple chains rather than elaborate pieces which may not suit. Jewellery boxes are always welcome gifts and there are many traditional or modern styles available to suit all pockets.

The greatest ‘play it safe’ option of all is the classic gift card or voucher. You can buy gift vouchers for almost everything these days so you won’t be spoilt for choice. Rather than opting for a plain old book or store voucher why not give an experience gift instead. There are hundreds of experiences to choose from, including makeovers, days-out and activities to suit most tastes and need not cost the earth with many options starting at just a few pounds.

Whatever gifts you choose to give this Christmas don’t forget that presentation is often as important as the gift itself, so take some time and care to wrap your gift. If you are not naturally talented in this area, and few of us are, many retailers will offer the option for free or at a small extra cost. Failing this there are lots of tasteful and innovative wrap solutions including gift boxes and gift bags so there really is no excuse.

Above all, try to enjoy the gift selection process, take your time and give some thought – it’s what counts the most after all. Have a great Christmas!