Teen Age Goths – Should You Worry When Your Child Goes Goth?

Teenagers today are involved in a great deal more than in the past. New trends make it into the world and make them seem popular. There are many reasons why teenagers are going to change their sense of clothing style. One style that has become popular in the last two years is the Goth look. Many people in today’s society are afraid that teenagers who are sporting this style are dangerous, withdrawn teens who only want to live in darkness. This is not a true statement. There are many reasons why children change to this style.

1. Change of lifestyle – This could be that they have now changed their mood from that happy teenager to the moody and depressed teenager. This could be through the addition of narcotics or alcohol. Changing their whole life pattern in the way they do things is a reason why your teenager would go Goth.

2. Need for attention – This is mainly caused from lack of attention from home life. Parents need to have an active role in their child’s life. Being there when your teenager needs you show them the attention they need. Your teenager won’t have to lash out and wear that black nail polish and trench coat for you to notice them.

3. Trying to fit in – There could be a chance that they are just trying to go with the trend that is popular at the time. There are plenty of teenagers who are doing this. They like the clothing of the Goth look, but do not condone the lifestyle.

In most cases, there is nothing to worry when your child goes Goth. Paying attention to your child is a good step to take when you are worrying. There are so many times in which a teenager is only looking for attention or simply trying to dress like their friends. Pay attention to what your teenager is doing. There really is no need to worry if you know that your teen is only dressing Goth for fashion.