Overweight Teen? Here Are Tips on How to Look Thinner and Still Be in Style

There was a time when fashion for overweight teens simply meant putting on baggy clothes and having to make do with adult styled clothing. Both of which are neither flattering nor age appropriate. Worse still: these clothes can make you look frumpy or even larger than you really are, which of course, does nothing for your self-esteem. If you find yourself in this rut, here are a few suggestions on how you can find really nice pieces for your wardrobe.

Choose solid, eye-friendly colors more than the very loud ones. The last thing you would need is a piece of clothing that literally screams, “Look, look, look at this bulk.” So it would be best to steer clear of extremely bright colors. This does not mean that you have to stick to blacks, browns or grays though. Rather, fashions for overweight teens should be in the darker shades or muted tints instead. For example: reds have varying shades and tints. For a bulkier frame, you may want to steer clear of carmine reds, coral reds and scarlet. Instead, cardinal reds and fire brick reds might be friendlier to your form. The rule of thumb is: the softer the colors, the better.

Steer clear of vertical prints. Yes, everyone says that vertical prints can make you look slimmer. But then, everyone knows this illusion-like trick by now and no one is really fooled anymore. Besides, vertical prints are never really in fashion. If you want vertical stripes, confine these to one or two very small ones at the edges of pants or skirts.

However, if you want to go for prints, choose smaller ones that are scattered all over the fabric. Very large prints can make you look larger, and so can closely set prints. It might also do your fashions for overweight teens well to choose light colored prints on darker fabric – rather than the other way around.