Percentage of Women Who Like Giving Oral Sex – How Your Woman Can Be in This Statistic Every Time

What would you say is the percentage of women who like giving oral sex?

Your opinion will probably be based on your own experiences of women and the oral art form. They fall into 2 categories:

Have you been left feeling let down? If you have only had a couple of women go down on you and the act wasn’t too thrilling your expectations will be low. You may well think a low percentage  of women like giving oral sex.

The flip side to category one could also be true. If you have been fortunate enough to have had  very enthusiastic and highly skilled oral partners then you could be forgiven for thinking that the percentage is very high.

The truth is nobody can know for sure how many enjoy giving oral delights to their man. However, which category would you prefer to be in? This goes for women as well as men (done correctly performing oral sex on a man can be extremely stimulating for a woman also).

Traditionally it has been difficult for any woman to gain knowledge and incite into performing fellatio. It is not discussed openly by society as a whole. This lack of knowledge leaves a woman lacking in confidence which can be sorely visible when performing the act in question.

The end result will be disappointing to say the least and may leave both partners feeling awkward and isolated.

Thankfully this lack of confidence and bedroom embarrassment can now be a thing of the past.

ANY woman can  now enjoy giving very confident, erotic, oral sex without any inhibition.