Cute American Doll Clothes That Will Make Any Girl Envious!

American Girl dolls have become one of the most popular and most-asked for toys of girls between the ages of 6-10 years old. Every girl has a different idea of what kind of doll they would like, many times based on what their ethnic or cultural background is, or simply because they really like the look of the doll. Whatever doll your little girl wants, you can bet on one thing, the American doll clothes that accompanies each and every doll from this company is simply too cute for words. Not only are these items adorable, but they are also exquisitely made and relatively affordable but most of all extremely durable, which will ensure that you can put these items away for your granddaughter one day once your daughter has outgrown her desire to play with her doll.

Many, many hours of research has been put into each and every doll to make sure that they are creating appropriate pieces for their dolls particular time era. Each doll comes with several outfits that represent different holidays, play-times, recitals or sporting events. One of the greatest things about this company is that all of the dolls are exactly the same size, so you do not have to stick to just one set of outfits, you can mix and match from other American Girl dolls and it will be guaranteed to fit your doll perfectly! The same goes for the accessories as well as the furniture, although, it is awfully fun to gather all of the pieces from your particular dolls time period to make it truly authentic.

American doll clothes generally run about $24 per outfit, which does not include the accessories to accompany that outfit, which is additional. While purchasing items from the Pleasant Company is important to some, many people have made a living off of making doll clothes to fit American Girl dolls for a fraction of the price and many times, you cannot tell which is made from the Pleasant Company or from an individual. You can find these items at local crafts fairs (especially around the holidays) as well as searching online. When all is said and done, after completing your doll’s wardrobe, it will have a closet that would make any grown woman jealous!