Cruel Girl Jeans – Guide For Tall Girls

I am a tall girl and I know exactly how it feels when you do not get your perfect size in jeans. The main problem is that the jeans’ designers make taller jeans in the plus size isle and this surely creates a problem because most tall girls aren’t heavy so they do not want to compromise on wearing something bigger than their size. If you are a tall girl like me, facing problems buying your jeans, then read on to learn how you can be satisfied. Remember that when you are buying jeans, never ever go for light colors – – lighter tone jeans make you look bigger then you are.

Cruel Girl Jeans is undoubtedly one of the best brands offering jeans for tall girls. They manufacture every cut from a boot cut to a slim fit. Make sure that the pair of jeans you pick do not hug your body very tight as in that case you would have to lie down to pull them up. Also stay away from cargo jeans because they just lack style, stick to basic zip dark color jeans. It is very simple to pull these jeans off by wearing a cute top with a denim jacket which does not only help to make you look like you have an hour glass figure, but it also makes your jeans look stylish.

Tall women are known to be naturally sexy so in order to accentuate your sexy look, just find jeans that suit you well.

To avoid having your pants look as if they are floating in mid air, try having someone measure your inseam before you purchase your pair; this will bring down the number of pants you would otherwise try on before actually finding the right fit. Depending on your size you may prefer stretch jeans, boot cut, flair or straight leg. In my opinion, taller women should not prefer wearing the flair leg jeans as it is not very complimentary to taller figures. It would make you look very leggy.

Being 6’1″ has never been easy when it came to pants, but by following the tips stated above, I have finally been able to enjoy fashion.