Coaching For Teen Girls

Do you know how special you are? Do you feel blessed? Have you ever imagined what heights you could reach? You are special more than you may want or care to know. You are one of a kind, you are gifted and talented beyond your wildest dreams.

As a teen girl you have super intelligence, you are young and impressionable. What you see in yourself will reflect on who you become. Look at yourself through the eyes of your maker. You have been placed here on earth to leave a mark. Aspire for greatness.

My passion as a coach is to see teens realise their full potential, their dreams and create their own success stories in every area of their lives. I live especially to see teen girls come to realise their self-worth, build their confidence levels and come to know without a shadow of doubt that the sky is truly the limit. It is always a defining moment for me when a teen who was self destructive comes to finally appreciate that there is more to them than meets the eye. Also that it does not matter about their looks, whether or not they can afford the next fashion trend and how they cannot be influenced negatively by peer pressure.

As a teen girl, your self-respect should be number one on your list. Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, not your friends, your family, siblings, teachers or yourself. For any teen with self respect, they conduct themselves in a wise manner and it shows in their choice of friends and relationships with others. Love and adore who you have been created to be.

The next on your priority list is to set goals. I must admit I did not set goals as early as I should have, due to a lack of guidance, but once I understood the concept I started setting goals for every area of my life from my health to how I was going to make my wealth. It has been incredible ever since.

Goal setting is a must if you want to achieve results in your life. You need to set long term goals and short term goals. You have to set academic goals like what grades you want, what profession, career or business you are interested in, which should help you to make the right choices in your field of studies.

One teen girl I coached, revealed how as soon as she learned to write, her mother asked her what she wanted to be in the future in terms of career, she replied at the age of six that she wanted to be a medical doctor to help the sick. Her delighted mother made her write it down on a piece of paper and together, they sealed it and placed it away for safe keeping. That was this tender aged, barely out of pampers girl’s goal, a long term goal indeed, but today in spite of taking a few wrong turns along the way and with coaching she is now in her final year of medical school. You will always propel towards your goals.

Start writing your goals immediately and place them where you can see them. Some people place theirs where they are not reachable and when they eventually pick them up, they would have become what they planned.

You should also teach yourself to be expectant of the best. After all you always stand a better chance of winning when you are optimistic than when pessimistic. In life I have come to see that people who always expect good things in life seldom get disappointed. The universe reflects back to you what you are thinking and will make you attract the very things that you are constantly thinking about. It has been said that the universe can be likened to a movie camera. When you feel and think something, the universe will pick it up and project it.

Learn to have and add fun to whatever you do, it is vital. If you do something that does not make you feel good then think twice about it and readjust your attitude. The more fun you have in doing something, the more you will find yourself doing it the more. My advice is, add fun to your studies and you will find yourself studying more. You are responsible for making life fun or boring. Add as much fun as possible even to the most tedious of jobs and you will begin to see drastic results in your life.

Listen to this story about two men who were cutting out stones. A passer-by asked the first man “What are you doing?” His reply was “I am cutting these hard, boring old rocks which are breaking my back” while wiping his brow off his sweat. When he saw the second man and asked him the same question, he lifted his face up with bright eyes, smiled and said delightfully “I am building a Cathedral.”

What a big difference between two men working on the same thing. A fun attitude and mindset will make your life a joy.

Above all give God first place in your life. Your life will definitely be one of sheer bliss. You are and deserve the best My Super Teen girl.