What is a Tankini and Who Should Wear One?

It’s that season once more when females would like to head to the seashore for a swim or to become suntanned. However, due to not watching her weight over the winter months, it’s the time of year when a woman actually thinks about starting a diet so she can slip into a bikini.

Regrettably, not every girl succeeds in trimming her tummy to a dimension that she can confidently show off to others, especially beach guys. Lacking a flat stomach or ripped abs, and sporting a sexy bikini or thong is a no-no. One-piece tank-style swimsuits could do the job in hiding the unwanted fat but they’re not eye-catching. Good thing there is currently a chic design that can give you what you truly want. That style is called the tankini.

This swimwear style includes a tank top and a bikini bottom. With this style, you are able to have the security provided by a one-piece suit and the chic look of a two-piece swimsuit. The top is longer than a standard swimming suit top so it covers areas you might not want seen. The length varies from merely a few inches below the bust line to a small number of inches below the waist. The bottom, however, is nothing but your everyday bikini. Some gals dare to dress in a g-string since it can be somewhat covered by the elongated top.

A further nice feature is that it could be effortlessly mixed and coordinated with other colors and patterns. Even though you can buy a tankini in matching tops and bottoms, you are also freer to combine styles and sizes. A basic top can match any bikini bottom with small designs or vivid patterns. A top with big patterns can also match any solid-colored bikini.

A frequent anxiety with a tankini is how snugly the tank top fits. The smallness of the breast tends to be obvious if you do not choose the right fit. So to make you look fuller, your ultimate option is to choose a top with graphic designs. If you are on the bigger end, you may select from tops with wider straps for extra support.

Tankinis are helpful for those who want to look not too sexual and yet they want to look like they’re open to being adventurous. Tankini tops are also the best for females who have had abdominal surgery or who have stretch marks, since the abdomen area is covered.