Free Schools for Troubled Teens

Parents are not at all happy to see their children destroying their own lives. Troubled teens often find success through a structured, emotional growth in a school environment. Therefore parents send their children to boarding or military style schools where all the programs are designed to help the troubled teens. But, it can be difficult for the family to have a teen move to a boarding or military school facility. As a result, many parents choose the service of alternative schools, such as free schools for troubled teens.

Free schools for troubled teens are non-hierarchical, non-institutional forms of learning which share skills, information and knowledge on a community basis. A free school for troubled teens has programs specially designed to assist the troubled teens to receive an education. In general, a free school is an attempt of individuals who act collectively and autonomously to generate educational opportunities and skill-sharing within their communities.

These free schools are dedicated to social change through free education and community building. They encourage self-reliance, critical consciousness, and personal development, living connections between themselves and their community. A free school often operates without any business propositions. The schools usually have no single street addresses. The venues of their classes and meetings may be a living room, a park, or any other community space.

The schools are able to design programs to help the teens deal with the problems that they face. They deal with teenagers who have social and emotional problems that are reflected in their behavior. Their course programs are also designed to provide physical and spiritual guidance for this group of teens. Most of them are equipped to deal with teens that have ADD or ODD. These schools also operate rehabilitation programs that help the teens to become drug and alcohol free.

All free school teen classes are conducted away from all types annoying things which influence these troubled teens and they learn how to rely on themselves to become self-sufficient. There are many volunteer opportunities available like design work, outreach, fund-raising, special events, or technical support.