How to Seduce Younger Girls

If you are an older man and want to befriend younger girls, you shouldn’t have much of a problem and there shouldn’t be too many changes you need to make with yourself to do that.

Younger people, especially younger girls, will always regard an older man with respect. But first, of course, you need to convey the appearance of being respectable. A well-proportioned haircut, clean and decent looking clothes and a wholesome appearance will always illicit the courtesy of younger girls.

With the first impression successfully taken care of, you should be aware that the next thing younger girls will be watching is your movement. Don’t make the mistake of trying to act like you were 5 years younger. Younger girls will detect easily if you are trying to put on a show for them and you will spoil the first impression you have made by seeming laughable and ridiculous. Be your natural self. Be exactly as they expect you to be because that will put them at ease.

Your speech will be the next thing you have to think about. Again, speak as you would normally speak. You can engage in jokes with the younger girls, but always keep them aware of the age distance between you. In this way you keep the sense of respect alive in your interaction. Remember, once these girls lose their respect for you, they will disappear faster than you can finish your next sentence.

Young people like to learn from their elders. Therefore, besides carrying on a friendly conversation with them, impress them once in a while with things you know that might be of interest to them. Another way to enhance their interest in you is for you to inquire about their personal lives; how they are doing at school or work. What interesting things they have been doing lately. A word of advice dropped very politely now and then will always be appreciated. Most young people like to hear advice from elders who are not directly related by blood rather than from their parents. This is probably because they have had one too many from their mom or dad.

The line separating advice from encouragement is thin. And if you can get younger girls to listen whole-heartedly to your words of wisdom, you have completely captured their affection and confidence.

To successfully relate to younger girls, you have to first show them respect by being yourself respectable. In this way you will have made a good start. Then you should build up their sympathy by engaging in conversation that is interesting for them.

While interacting with them, don’t let that sense of respect ever diminish; keep at a distance from them and don’t try to behave as if you were a peer. Showing your interest in their welfare is also a great motivation for sympathy. And if you throw in a few words of kind advice, you will be sure to win their trust and confidence.