Decorating Themes For Girls’ Bedrooms

Most girls just love pretty colours. But you need to choose a bedroom theme for your little girl, that she will love. Develop a theme for the bedroom around your child’s interests. While most girls love flowers, hearts and cute animals, this is not true for every girl. Some girls are little tomboys. They might not like what most every other girl likes. Just go with her interests and personality even if it happens to be snakes. Here are a few ideas for themes for what most girls love.

Flower Power – Use bright pinks, oranges, yellows and greens for this theme. Use fabrics with wild and colourful flower patterns on them. Mix them up with matching plain colours to balance things out. You could also enlarge the flower patterns on the fabric, on a copy machine and then trace them on the walls. Paint them in the exact colours as on the fabric. Everything will look coordinated.

Princesses – This is a common and a very popular theme even today. Little girls will never outgrow this theme. Paint the walls with castle murals, and stencilled flowers and butterflies. Use sheer fabrics and lots of fancy details. Make a bed canopy with lots of pretty netting.

Sports – If your little girl loves sports, then you can use this as a theme for her room. It can be anything from swimming, netball, or even football. First try to find a wallpaper border with that particular sport on it. If you can not find anything for a particular sport from retail shops try looking on the internet. There are more choices available on the internet and you will most certainly find what you are looking for. Once you have found the wallpaper border then look for coordinating bedding and curtains. If your daughter has trophies and awards for that particular sport, build some shelving in the room where they can be displayed.