How to Choose a Quality Flower Girl Dress

Choosing a flower girl dress for a wedding or other fancy event can be daunting for any parent or grandparent. Whether you are looking for a discount dress or you have no limit on your budget, this article will help you choose a dress that will last for years to come and be comfortable for your little girl to wear all day long inside or outside.

First, you will need to determine if the event will be outside of inside. If it’s outside in the Spring, you may want to consider that the weather may be chilly. There’s nothing worse than covering up a beautiful flower girl dress with a bright pink down parka with a hood. Don’t worry, there are other options! There are many white dresses out there for little girls, flower girls, or communion dresses that don a sweater or fancy white velvet cape with a hood. It’s probably a good idea to buy one just in case and keep the tags on so you can return it if you don’t end up needing it.

Where to buy your beautiful dress? It is best to go to a store like Jolene’s or a bridal store and try on flower girl dresses so you can see what looks good on her and what fits well. Then look online at discount retailers. You could Google “discount flower girl dresses”. The most important thing you can do is measure your child around the waist and under the arms around the chest as well as from shoulder to ankle. You don’t want to be stuck paying return shipping and restocking fees, so only buy from a site that has all of the above measurements on it.

Second, your little girl will definitely look up to the bride on her big day and hope to look just like her, that’s why it is so stunning to dress your princess in the signature white fluffy dress so she can twirl and feel like a queen in it.

Third, think of the quality. Will this be something that will last for years to come to pass down to your daughter’s children? Or will it end up in the trash after a couple wears because it is ripped or stained. Since children are only human, and little humans at that, make sure you can machine-wash her pretty wedding dress. There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for a fancy dress and having to pay $15 to get it professionally dry-cleaned.

Fourth, after the party or wedding, you will want to take care of the dress well. Don’t let her play dress up in it, hang it up in the closet after it has been washed and ironed so that it will stay in prime shape.

Don’t forget the camera so you can preserve the memories of your gorgeous little girl’s dream wedding dress forever!