Everyone Loves An Elmo Party

Sesame Street is very popular among young children, especially Elmo, but a major consideration when you are planning a party for preschool aged children is planning around nap time. With a little planning, your child can have the best Elmo Party ever!

Usually the best time of day for preschool aged children is from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM or in the early evening hours which normally mean the party should incorporate a meal into the festivities. Luckily, with smaller children, even the simplest meals are considered gourmet delights.

One of the most important things to remember is that, while games and activities need to be simple and familiar, you do tend to need lots of room for children this age to run about without fearing injury or property damage. If you can clear out a room or basement area, or have a safe backyard area, these places are ideal. Just remember to have a inclement weather contingency plan in case the Elmo party has to be moved inside.

Enlist the aid of parents, and have precise drop off and pick up times and arrangements made before parents leave, or just arrange to have each child accompanied by a parent. If you have large numbers of parents present, have the play area in the center of your party area and folding chairs around the perimeter to provide seating for everyone present while putting parents at the best places to provide supervision.

Try to use toys and recreation items you already have. Plastic play equipment like slides and basketball goals work well. A child’s plastic or blow up pool filled with balls provides good entertainment. Inflatable jump’o’leens are also appreciated.

Consider having a small Elmo Party cake and serving smaller Sesame Street character cup cakes to the little guests. Juice boxes tend to squirt out when held tightly, so opt for inexpensive sippy cups or throw away cups with lids and straws instead. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, fruit cups and chips may be prepared ahead of time and served in Elmo party bags.

Consider reusing plastic Easter eggs by inserting Sesame Street character pictures and treats inside and having an egg hunt. Whenever a hunter finds Elmo, they are a BIG winner, and get a prize, such as a washable tattoo or hand stamp!