Clothing Ideas For The Ring Bearer

If you thought choosing a wedding dress and situating the bridesmaids’ dresses was difficult enough, then you’ll probably let out a sigh of relief when it comes to choosing ring bearer attire. The hardest decision a bride and groom will face is how they wish their ring bearer to look. While some couples prefer to mold miniature grooms, others wish their ring bearers to display a style all of their own. It is also important to take note that ring bearers are usually the youngest males participating in a wedding, which helps couples shape their final decision. Knowing the potential ring bearer should also be taken into account. Below, you will find a few styles to consider:

Choosing a Tuxedo

The chosen season of the wedding may guide the decision on whether or not the groom will traditionally wear a black or white tailcoat or regular-length tuxedo. It is quite common to have the ring bearer wear a matching outfit to the groom. While you may want the ring bearer to resemble a smaller version of the groom, some people choose a similar tuxedo but include different accessories to avoid copying an exact look.

Another variation of dressing the ring bearer is to choose a tuxedo-like ensemble to match the groom that includes a black satin trimmed shorts set with matching tuxedo jacket. Accompanying the outfit, white knee socks and white shiny shoes are acceptable.

It is important to remember that tuxedos are the costliest method of dressing the ring bearer, as renting a tuxedo can cost as much as renting one for an adult. The little outfit, shoes, bow tie, and cummerbund make a pretty pricey package. To save money, some couples side with an Eton suit, regular suit, or blazer.

What is an Eton Suit?

The three-button coat and short pants set that comes in black or white is called an Eton suit. The ring bearer who wears this arrangement will have a white short-sleeved shirt with a bow tie. Younger boys look absolutely charming in this choice of clothing. When the wedding is planned for the winter season, ring bearers may wear an Eton suit made of velvet.

Suit or Blazer

When weddings are less formal, a ring bearer may wear a regular suit coat or blazer. When choosing an outfit for a junior groomsman (teenager male attendants), some may side with a tuxedo to match the other groomsman, but informal weddings work best with a suit or blazer.

Ring Bearer Accessories

As you browse the many different accessories to outfit your ring bearer, satin gloves offer the perfect finishing touches for a formal wedding. Some couples opt for a “cabbie-style” cap to accentuate the cuteness of their attire. Male attendants (no matter what the age) often wear pocket squares and boutonnieres. Junior groomsman may also wear tuxedo accessories that merely complement the groom and other groomsmen instead of wearing accessories that completely mirror the groom. In the end, the clothes of your young attendants should be pressed to perfection.

Paying for the Ring Bearer Outfit

Typically, the parents of the ring bearer are responsible for paying for the attire. This is something that should become clear to parents before they accept the position. The bride and groom usually foot the bill for the ring pillow.