Women – Four Steps to Make Your Man Your Sex Slave!

Read the four steps to making your man your sex slave and you’ll find some powerful techniques you can use today. These techniques are proven, powerful, and possible for every woman!

Women should keep in mind that men’s imagination is their greatest ally. Get his brain working on your side and anything will be possible.

Imagination keeps advertisers full of subscriptions and sales. Each of the four steps emphasize imagination.

First, women should start on a small level. She should make the first invitation with a note, phone call, or text. Let him know you’re interested in him and why. Stroke his confidence and appeal to his pride. Tell him you want him. He might ask what that means. Tell him that he knows what that means.

Second, give him more information. Send him a more seductive note or call. Tell him how hot he makes you. Tell him that you want him to make you hot. Tell him he’ll have all of the time in the world.

Third, start the day with some light touches. Leave him some notes that are more explicit. Tell him exactly what you want to do with him and how. Send him frequent texts and messages telling him how you plan to please him.

Fourth, meet at the appointed time and really rock his world. Ask him to tell you about the most exciting time he’s ever had. Ask him details. Frequently ask him how he felt and how horny he was. Ask him what made him so excited.

Then, if he likes, tell him about the most exciting sex experience you’ve ever had. Give him great detail and let him ask questions. Ask if he’s getting excited now.

For the next step, do a nice strip tease for him. You told him that you were going to please him so now do it. Take your time in taking off every piece of clothing. Let him touch a little. Then draw away.

Finally, kiss him over every place of his body. Tease his ears. Touch his face and caress it. Kiss the sides of his mouth. offer him your tongue. In turn, take his tongue inside your mouth and gently caress it.

Then start with his nipples. Make it hotter than any adult movie. Use your tongue and lick gently. Then bite gently and pull the nipples back. Create some pressure.

Stroke his penis while you lick the end. Use a figure-eight motion, by stroking up and down as you circle your wrist. Bring him to the point of orgasm, and then back off. Do this three or four times.

Then, mount him and use your inner muscles to milk the semen out of him. Lean back and rub on his ridge. He’s now your sex slave!