How to Choose Jeans Styles For Overweight Teens

Almost all teens love jeans. These are comfortable to wear and can be matched with a good variety of fabrics and styles. However, choosing flattering jeans for body styles, particularly those of us without a size 4 frame, can be a bit more tedious. But that does not mean that we simply have to make do with the only pair that seems to fit us… even and especially if these are too baggy to look remotely fashionable. Here are some simple tips on how you can choose the best jean style for you.

1. Go for dark wash fabrics, instead of fading or whiskered. Light colored jeans or those with light decorations can only accentuate unflattering contours. If you want a bit more sprucing up on your jeans though, you might want to try choosing fabrics that have dark colored stitching or small decals.

2. To find the perfect jeans for body styles, try to stick with the form friendly cuts. Straight cuts or wide leg cuts are always good, since these provide a slimmed down silhouette for any frame. Skinny jeans should be out of your list for now, as with tapered ankles because these cuts can make anyone look heavier.

For skirts, choose the ones that are tapered just below the knee. Anything longer or shorter than that, or those with asymmetrical cuts can only accentuate the roundness of certain body parts – particularly the butt and the thighs.

If you are choosing jean jackets, make sure that these fit your frame very well. Don’t go for the baggy ones or the ones that are very form hugging. Ill fitting clothes only attract unwanted attention. Also, you might want to steer clear of back designs.

The real key to finding the perfect plus size jeans for body styles is to try these on before buying any. Only when you wear the clothes, do you actually see if the jeans flatter or fatten your frame.