The Art of Undressing an Indian Girl

The Indian nation which exists on the sub continent is a conglomeration of many races and castes. The majority of course professes the Hindu faith but their attire is diverse and Hindus from one part of India differ in dress from another part. In addition we have significant minorities including Moslem and Sikh with a sprinkling of Christians and Janis. India is thus home to a varied population.

But in case a Don Juan was to come to India he would be bewildered with the various dresses in vogue and undressing an Indian girl would need a fair amount of study. To start with the women and girls from North India prefer a Shalwar kameez or shirt. The Shalwar has many variations but in its basic form is like a loose trouser with a cord tied around the waist of the girl to hold the shalwar in place. A north Indian girl will wear a shirt or kameez over the shalwar.The kameez may be full or half sleeved.

Undressing a north Indian girl is thus not that easy. In case you love her and she is willing then the best bet is to slowly remove the shirt by untying the hooks or buttons. Having done that follow up by untying the cord of the shalwar so that it smoothly slides down from the hips. The girl would now be only in bra and panty and you can follow up by carrying her to the bed. Beware that North Indian girls in particular Sikh girls are much stronger than other Indian girls and thus you will have to match her strength and verve.

Girls from the south invariably wear a sari and a blouse. A sari is a long piece of cloth that is carefully wrapped around the woman’s waist. It extends to the ankles and helps create an aura of mystery. Saris are costly affairs and some of them can cost thousands of rupees. Over the sari the women from the south wear a blouse.This comes in many designs and adds to the allure of a south Indian woman. When you accost a south Indian woman make it a point to kiss her and then slowly unhook her blouse. Bare her and then undo the folds of her sari and slowly slide it off her hips. She will now be wearing a petticoat and bra. Undo the cord of the petticoat and follow up to the next step. Be careful that you fold the sari neatly so as not to damage it.

Woman from the east and central India wear in addition to a sari a Ghagara and choli. A Ghaghara is a loose skirt tied at the waist and a choli is a blouse. These women are shyer and it is best to get their confidence before going forward. Start by unhooking the choli and follow up by untying the cord of the ghagra till it falls in a heap at her feet. Carry her to the bed and she will love it.

Moslem women will wear the hijab or chuddar.Under this they will have a shalwar kameez or even a sari. You will first have to lift the Chuddar and then continue to the next step. Women from the west will wear a special sari that divides the legs and adds allure while the women from the hilly areas and Rajasthan will mostly wear a Ghaghara. Tribal women in India will only wrap a sari and wear no blouse.

Thus the field is vast for a man who wishes to love Indian woman. But I agree you will have to be a super man to love all of them. The beauty is to know and learn and take your chance as and when it comes.