Best Baby Girl Gifts

If you expect to give a gift to a baby girl in the near future, it is important that you start your shopping soon. After all, you probably have no idea of what to gift the baby girl. So, what are the best baby girl gifts? Here is a short list to get you going.

Baby girl gifts #1

Clothes! Whether they are babies crawling on all fours or grown up ladies wearing stilettos, women love clothes. Period! The little girl may not be able to voice her preferences just yet, but clothes are always welcome. That said, it is necessary to remember that clothes for baby girls must be chosen with care.

Clothes for baby girls come in all kinds of styles and materials. A common mistake people make is to buy clothes that look pretty but feel uncomfortable. However much you appreciate her looks, understand that a cranky baby is an unhappy baby. Buy baby clothes that are made of soft, comfortable material. Avoid laces, sashes, ribbons and so on. Aim for a good fit in something soft. Clothes for young children must be easy to pull on and take off. Since babies are quick to make a mess on their clothes, something that is washable is ideal.

Clothes like the oneness, overalls, body suits, bibs and sleepwear are some of the most popular clothing items to give a small baby.

Baby girl gifts #2

When you think of young babies, the first thing that strikes your mind is the amount of time they spend sleeping comfortably when they are lost in their dreams. Quite naturally, anything that adds to the comfort of that slumber is welcome. Soft blankets with satin trim may just be the thing for a cute little baby girl. If you want to personalize the gift, simply add the baby’s name or get her picture embossed on the blanket. Such a gift will be treasured by her parents even after the little princess outgrows her cradle.

Baby girl gifts #3

For very young babies, it is a good idea to gift a sock and cap set. Buy unisex booties that are comfortable and cute. Many of these booties contain the pictures of cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse. More importantly, they offer just the right comfort and protection for tiny, satiny feet. Since they won’t slip off, mama can be sure that the booties provide necessary protection all the time.

Baby girl gifts #4

Diapers and reusable diaper bags are items that all babies need, regardless of their gender. When they are small, young babies easily march their way through packets of diapers at lightning speed. So, if you want to gift something that is immensely in demand, then, gift a beautiful diaper bag filled with diapers.