Bratz Babies – What Are They?

Baby versions of the Bratz dolls are part of the fashionable line of dolls produced by the MGA group and are supposed to represent the four major Bratz characters in their childhood. Baby Bratz dolls are conceptualized as junior versions of the main Bratz characters of Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin.

However, these are not your everyday dolls of oblivious babies, but are rather fashion conscious creations with a signature style about them.

All of them have large heads, even larger than their adult counterparts and are decidedly cute; that makes infinite sense, as babies do tend to have larger heads than their adult counterparts. They are quite affordable, and the total set along with the stylish clothes and accessories can be purchased pretty easily. Infact these babies are so adorable that you would want them more than you would their adult counterparts. And given their diminutive appearance, they are all the more appealing when it comes to choosing your favourite Bratz doll.

A Bratz baby doll may turn out to be an ideal gift for a young pre teen girl and is sure to be received gleefully. Many parents even prefer the babies to the actual teenage avatars as they disapprove of the elder dolls’ looks and body language.

If one considers the trashy appearance and overuse of makeup as bad influence for a growing girl, a baby doll may be the perfect gift; because no where else would you find a doll which such innocent beauty.

The baby Bratz dolls are a great addition to your collection if you are a lover and collector of fashionable dolls. What’s more, they are delightful and safe gifts for your child and very resistant to the typical rough treatment that a child metes out to her toys.

Whichever way one looks at it, the baby collection of Bratz is a great buy for more than one reason.

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