Find Great Plus Size Junior Clothing

Plus size junior clothing has a wide selection of choice for girls. Fashion choices have become widely available from your local department stores to high-end retailers, as well as specialized stores online. When shopping for plus size clothing, there are a few tips to help you make good choices to find the right look for you.


Wearing clothing that fits well is more important than what size the tag reads. To look your best, make sure that your clothes don’t fit too tightly. This works against you and only makes you look heavier than you are. Buying clothes that fit well give you a smart and classy appearance. Just remember that no one is going to ask you what size it is if you look great!


Dark colors slim, but don’t limit yourself to an exclusively black wardrobe. You can keep several dark basic items, such as skirt and pants, but throw a splash of color in to give a pop. Plus size junior clothing can still include the trendy colors and styles that your friends are wearing, but going towards the darker choices will minimize those spots you want to cover up.


There are several different styles that are more flattering in plus size junior clothing. At all costs, avoid the midriffs that are so popular. Instead of baring your body, go for an empire waist shirt that will flow and billow, still giving the freedom of movement and sassy attitude, while concealing the waistline.

A-line dresses are always a good option as well. These dresses are fitted at the top and flow at the bottom. A-line dresses flatter any figure, and are available in almost every length. With this style, you can still choose to show a little chest or legs, depending on how flirty you feel without losing your sense of style.


If you struggle with the inevitable gut, it is more important than ever to buy several good bras. Get measured by a certified fitter, and get a bra that will lift and support. Having your breasts in front and lifted will keep your breasts from meeting your belly – you will lose at least 10 pounds by doing this, without the first sit-up!

You can also choose to invest in some good girdle underwear. These come in handy when you are wearing more form fitting clothes like jeans or slacks, and need a little help. These are easy to pick, as they are very stretchy and will fit most sizes.

Remember that if you look good you will feel good. Don’t wait to lose weight to find the perfect plus size junior fashion. There is no time like now. You can look like a million bucks with a few nice clothes and the right attitude.